FAQ Page

Yes, we can send or email you a print-out so that you can see how the memorial will look.

All our memorials are guaranteed for 10 years (subject to reasonable conditions). Insurance cover is available.

In most cases yes, although most Church authorities will not allow Ceramic Photo Plaques and will sometimes refuse engravings/etchings that they feel are not appropriate.

Usually it is wise to wait at least 6 months to allow the ground to settle and many burial authorities actually insist on this.

The work is normally completed between 6 and 16 weeks from the date of the order. This includes obtaining the permissions from the relevant burial authorities. However, we have fixed memorials within a month if the stone is already in stock and the burial authorities have been able to reply quickly.

Our prices do not include the fee payable to the Church or Local Authority for erection of a memorial, and we will seek the necessary permission on your behalf and advise you of the fee payable.

We deliver and erect memorials throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

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